About Me

About me

Hi Guys! Welcome to The Foodie Dentist.

I’m Surina and I currently work for the NHS as a General Dental Practitioner. For those of you who don’t know me personally, my love for food is infinite (especially dessert) and my passion for cooking is my happiness! Hence the Foodie Dentist.

Where did it all start for me? Well throughout my dental career I come across the same dental issues again and again. Gum disease, tooth decay, crooked teeth etc. It’s almost like riding the same roller-coaster only with a different patient. Most of these, are of course, treatable so I follow what we were taught in dental school and carry out the correct procedures. This in turn gave me another successful procedure and another happy patient. Sounds good right? Well it is, great in fact! Except I couldn’t help but wonder why these problems occur so frequently amongst every demographic?!

Being someone who is heavily passionate about food, particularly healthy and nutritional foods, I was gripped on the links between poor nutrition and a host of dental problems. Through reading a lot of research papers and articles I found the astonishing correlation between diet and oral health. I found that there is so much awareness on healthy eating and how it affects your skin, heart or hair but very little on the impact it has on our oral health!

As a result, I decided to create The Foodie Dentist to inspire and educate you about the importance of healthy eating and the effects it has on our oral health and development. I have always been fascinated by nutrition and its powerful benefits and I’m so excited to share what I’ve learnt. I am all about making food tasty, varied and satisfying. I don’t believe in restricting yourself because lets face it, food is just too good for that!

Thank you so much for taking time to visit my page. I hope you get the most out of my recipes and join me on this journey towards a  healthy lifestyle!

Good food, good mood!

Lots of love, Surina xx