Can food really affect our mood and energy throughout the day?

The answer is YES

I experienced this first hand. Eating simple sugars that are in junk foods such as candy, soda, fruit juices, chocolate bars cause blood sugar levels to spike, they also cause blood sugar levels to drop rapidly producing this rollercoaster effect. Sudden spikes and drops like this can leave you with a short lived burst of energy followed by a tired, cranky feeling. This feeling was my constant state throughout the day, waiting for the next chocolate bar.

Once i switched my diet i found that i had more energy throughout the day and felt happier. Getting those essential vitamins, minerals, increasing my fibre content all slowed down the absorption of sugar in the blood stream and increased the feel good hormones “serotonin” which decreased my mood swings. I was replacing the processed junk with delicious refined sugar free home made treats to satisfy my sweet craving.

The top tips I’ve found to increase your mood with food are:

  • Eat regularly. Fasting does not so great with me. Have you heard the word “Hangry”? Well that is me in a nutshell without food. I used to try intermittent fasting and it did not agree with me, my blood sugar levels dropped which left me feeling tired and irritable. Eating the correct type of foods will release energy slowly throughout the day and help keep blood sugar levels steady.
  • Stay hydrated! Frequently we all get confused between hunger and dehydration. At work is the hardest to make sure you’re drinking enough water, I find taking in a bottle of water with me that holds 2 litres helps massively.
  • Eat Carbs! The right type of carbs actually aid to release serotonin, the feel good hormone and provide energy. I don’t believe in making restrictions when it comes to carbs or any food type really! We all need everything in moderation and the right type of carbs can keep our energy levels in a good state, and lets face it aren’t we all happy with carbs.
  • Satisfy your sweet tooth. Yes I said it, and yes I’m a dentist so I really should discourage sugar. I do discourage refined sugar as it has zero nutritional value but what i do recommend for those who can’t help their sugary tooth is to indulge in snacks with natural sugars e.g. raw honey, pure maple syrup, coconut sugar. I make my own homemade snacks and take them with me to work which really helps me power through the day. There’s nothing worse than depriving yourself, which isn’t good for your mental health and thinking about that sugary snack all day, you may as well indulge in something small! Remember though- everything in moderation!

I hope this has helped! These are my top tips for keeping energy levels high throughout the day.

Good food, good mood 🙂

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